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Toronto Family Law Lawyer

Operating in Toronto as Kathryn L. Smithen, Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public, I maintain a comprehensive family law practice. Whether you are seeking separation, divorce, custody or access, the enforcement or renegotiation of a child or spousal support arrangement or a new agreement with your partner, I can help.

Regardless of your circumstances, a family law matter is never simple, and the consequences for taking a wrong turn will affect you and your family for years. As a trained advocate focused exclusively on family law, I use my legal training to help you arrive at the solution that works best for you. Among my services are:

As someone with firsthand experience with the significant challenges faced by a person who goes it alone in the family court system, I recommend against self-representation in family law and encourage people to learn how a lawyer can help them. My services as a lawyer are of substantial benefit to you as you make important choices about your family's future.

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To schedule an appointment about family law in Toronto and other services I provide, contact my office online or by calling 647-496-2765, 800-392-9043 toll free.


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About Kathryn L. Smithen

As your advocate, I will do what it takes to help you understand and deal with the pressures of the process. I will speak, negotiate and advocate on your behalf to help minimize your stress in addition to resolving your legal dispute. I will be caring and sensitive. As your lawyer, I will always tailor my approach to meet your specific needs.

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