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Toronto Divorce Lawyer

No two families are alike, and when it comes to divorce, no two couples approach it the same way. Some may be contemplating separation while still living together, while others may have long ended the relationship and have an existing separation agreement. More and more couples now remain in the matrimonial home while leading essentially separate lives. While some couples are able to discuss and negotiate the terms of their divorce, others may find communication difficult or impossible.

Even if your relationship with your spouse is amicable, you need a lawyer to make sure you are fully informed of the consequences of divorce. A lawyer can be your best source of information if your divorce is uncontested and an indispensable advocate if your divorce proceeds to court. My practice, maintained under the banner of Kathryn L. Smithen, Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public in Toronto, is prepared to assist you in either scenario. Getting divorced can have lifelong consequences and even ones that follow you beyond your grave! You need to ensure that your divorce is finalized in a way that does not negatively impact you or your heirs.

Uncontested Versus Contested Divorce: Knowing The Difference

In Ontario, some couples can resolve most of their issues before a court grants them a divorce. If they agree, spouses can prepare a separation agreement that resolves child custody, access, spousal support and property division. They can then apply to the court for a divorce. This is a common scenario in cases of uncontested divorce.

Contested divorce is more complicated. Couples may require assistance in negotiating the terms of their dissolution and may have to take their issues to a court. In this case, having a lawyer to represent you is very important. A lawyer can help you to save time, money and stress and protect you and your children from lengthy and difficult legal proceedings. A lawyer can help you narrow the issues so that you only litigate what is absolutely necessary.

Contact A Lawyer For Information About Ontario Divorce Law

I operate a broad-based family law practice in Toronto. I am dedicated to helping those clients who think they can go it alone, without a lawyer. I work hard at trying to persuade them that they really need a lawyer. To get the best outcome in your divorce case or to learn more about the legal consequences of divorce, I encourage you to contact me.

To schedule an appointment, contact my office online or by calling 647-496-2765, 800-392-9043 toll free.


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