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Ontario Divorce And Property Division

When couples separate, resolving financial matters can be a stressful and technically trying process. Often, the matter is not as simple as dividing up the assets that have been gained during the course of the marriage. Sometimes, the value of assets can be in dispute, and in some cases, a spouse may not be forthcoming about how much money or assets he or she actually has. Completing a Financial Statement properly can be the single most important step in any family law case.

In all family law matters, and in particular in cases of asset division where outside financial advice may be necessary, hiring a lawyer is important to make sure you are protected. As a former self-represented family law litigant, I started my law practice in Toronto under the banner of Kathryn L. Smithen, Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public in order to serve those who think they have no choice but to go it alone. I see convincing you that is a bad strategy as one of my most critical roles as a lawyer.

How Asset Division Is Part Of Your Divorce Or Separation

In many ways, the law in Ontario views marriage as an economic arrangement. Whether you and your spouse were legally wed or living common law, property matters are an important component of your separation or divorce. While child support follows specific guidelines, and legislation exists to guide how divorcing couples should divide property, in practice this is really a complex procedure that is far from straightforward.

As a lawyer with a comprehensive family law practice and experience in Ontario family court, I have the experience and skill to help you to negotiate a fair asset division as part of your divorce. If you cannot negotiate an agreement, I will be your tenacious advocate in court. I will stand with you and provide objective and reasoned advice, in particular when you are dealing with a scenario involving hidden assets and marital fraud.

Contact A Toronto Lawyer For Marital Property Division

To schedule an appointment to discuss property division and divorce with a Toronto lawyer, contact my office online or by calling 647-496-2765, 800-392-9043 toll free.


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