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Ontario Divorce And Hidden Assets

A divorce or separation is difficult under any circumstances. When one spouse fails to be forthcoming about the nature of his or her assets, however, the process of asset division can become particularly complex and difficult. If you are in a situation where you suspect your former spouse is hiding assets, you need a lawyer. A lawyer can help you not only find out the truth of the situation, but also make sure the evidence is presentable and admissible in court.

I am particularly experienced in the area of finding hidden assets or income. My own family law case involved imputing the income of a support payor who had lied to the court for years. As a trained journalist and law student, I was able to successfully provide the court with independent evidence that set out approximately 14 years of unreported income. If your case is like this, I can help you, too.

Family law matters are never simple, and the consequences of poor management of a legal case are substantial. Having been through the family law system before I received legal training, I know how a lawyer helps. I started my practice in Toronto, under the banner of Kathryn L. Smithen, Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public, to help others who cannot achieve a fair result without legal representation.

Following The Money: Knowing Where The Assets Are And How To Claim Them

Often, an individual will have suspicions about the assets of his or her spouse, prior to separation. A spouse may go so far as to gather documentation to try to find hidden assets and covertly investigate his or her spouse's business interests. In other cases, a spouse will simply offer his or her suspicions to a lawyer during a consultation about divorce or separation.

Part of my comprehensive family law practice is making sure that when it comes to property division you have access to full and complete information; I also want to be sure that you are aware of the rules of evidence that will be applied to any information you find or that I find on your behalf. As a lawyer, I have the ability to conduct title searches and gather other information that may or may not reveal that your spouse has been untruthful during the course of the marriage and during separation proceedings. As a trained journalist, I know how to find information that many lawyers will not know how to find.

Contact A Toronto Lawyer For Marital Fraud Issues

If you have questions about the workings of divorce, hidden assets in Ontario, and how legal advice can be to your benefit, get in touch with me. To schedule an appointment, contact my office online or by calling 647-496-2765, 800-392-9043 toll free.


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